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Species Projections Service Description

The Lifemapper Species Projections Service allows users to get a projection or list projections that fit desired criteria.

Each projection is the application of a ruleset generated by a model onto a climate scenario of related environmental layers. There are usually projections for each climate scenario that matches the climate scenario used to generate the model.

Getting a List of Projections

If you call http://lifemapper.org/services/sdm/projections/xml with an HTTP GET request, a list of available projections will be returned.

The items returned in this list can be filtered using a number of url parameters. A full list of the available filter parameters can be found in the Lifemapper web services WADL document. You can get an idea of how the parameters work by visiting the listing service with a web browser. A form will be presented at the top of the page that will allow you to filter the results as well as display the filters used to generate that page of results.

The list of projections is available in a variety of formats. These formats do not contain the actual projection data, just metadata about them.

Formats available:

Getting an Individual Projection

You will need the projection id number to return an individual projection. You can browse the list of projections to find the projection you would like, and just click the link.

Get an Individual Projection Method explains in more detail how this service works.

Formats available:

Posting a Projection

Posting a projection request happens when you submit an experiment. More information can be found here.