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Experiments Service Description

The Lifemapper Experiments Service is a RESTful service that allows you to list experiments, get an experiment, or post a new experiment.

A Lifemapper experiment is a grouping of a model and all projections built from it. The Lifemapper pipeline generates experiments based on unmodeled taxa as well as models that are out of date. In addition, users can submit their own experiments with the algorithm parameters tuned to their liking.

Getting a List of Experiments

You can view a list of experiments by clicking this link. This will bring up a list of all public experiments.

This list of experiments can be browsed and filtered via url query parameters. For example, if you wanted to return only completed experiments generated using the Bioclim algorithm you could use the following url:

http://lifemapper.org/services/sdm/experiments/?status=35&algorithmCode=BIOCLIM .

A complete list of available url parameters for the experiments listing service can be found here.

The list of experiments is available in a variety of formats. These formats do not contain the actual experiment data, just metadata about them.

Formats available:

Getting an Individual Experiment

You will need the experiment id number to return an individual experiment. If you submitted an experiment, you should have this number. You can also browse the list to find the experiment you want and just click the link.

Get an Individual Experiment Method explains in more detail how this service works.

Formats available:

Posting an experiment

The Lifemapper Web Application can lead you through the process of submitting a new experiment. It will begin by helping you pick an existing occurrence set or upload a new one. Then you will be able to select an algorithm as well and model.

You also have the option to submit an experiment directly.

Post an Experiment